About Simpsons Grooming

Located in the beautiful Historical City Of Versailles Kentucky.
We are honored to be one of the Grooming shops that has been established here the longest. 

Hi Iím Sara, and Iím so honored to have this opportunity to follow Cary in taking care of your fur babies! My family raised Jack Russel Terriers pretty much all of my childhood years, so I was raised around these feisty little guys. We went to racing competitions and did all kinds of things with them. As soon as I was old enough, I was started in the 4-h program where I showed dogs all through my teenage years, even winning in obedience classes with my Jack Russell at the state fair more than once! When I was 16 I raised a boxer puppy for Pilot Dogs, which is a program that trains guide dogs for the blind. Wow that was hard to give her back but in the end it was satisfying to get a picture of her with her new owner as they graduated training! Later in my teen years I was mentored by a professional handler. We would travel to AKC shoes and show her Rottweilers and other dogs that she was hired to show. I did pretty much everything she needed help with including grooming, general care, and taking dogs into the ring for her when there was a conflict. I also eventually showed my Rottweiler to earn her obedience title and in Junior Showmanship clases. During college I stepped away from the dog world for time, I was busy learning all about accounting and riding for the equestrian team at Midway College. After college I got a job in taxes, got married, had kids (2 biological and 3 adopted). Then a couple of years ago I met Cary through our local horse riding club and we started riding together, conditioning ourselves and our horses for endurance riding (think 5k/half marathon/marathon on horses). We became better and better friends and I was sad when she told me her plans to retire from grooming dogs and head out somewhere as a horse camp owner! Who will I ride with! When will I see you! And then her precious Nugget the Goldendoodle was having puppies and I told myself no! No! No! And then I brought home Willow my precious Goldendoodle Nugget baby! AND THEN my husband liked Willow so much that he brought home a Nugget baby from the next litter! During this time I also started to dream that I could leave my desk job and take over the grooming shop from Cary! And that dream has become a reality! So all this is to say that I have a history and background with a deep love of dogs and all animals going back as far as I can remember. It brings me such joy to be at the shop and even my closest friends are starting to tell me how much happier I am and that I donít quit smiling! 

Please be patient with me while I learn everyoneís name and donít hesitate to let me know if youíd like something different. Blessings and love for the New Year as we all take on this adventure together!


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